This Reusable Book Packaging Transforms into a Plant Pot

 - Mar 12, 2014
The idea of biodegradability has been widespread throughout industrial design, endorsing the creation of multifunction objects. Every day we create more waste that is not easily reused and which is then later dumped into wastelands that pollute the air and slowly take up more space.

Independent Mexican design studio Manifesto Futura was able to combat the idea of waste and create a biodegradable book packaging that can later be transformed into a plant pot.

The project, which was requested by the people in charge of 'Design Week Mexico,' has two parts. The first being the book packaging and the second being the actual book, a visual and written diary by Vicky Gonzales and Ivan Garcia.

What makes this design so unique is that while it uses 100% biodegradable materials and provides dual functionality, the actual design aesthetic is not sacrificed and remains interesting and uncommon.