The Plantwise Plant Clinics Addresses Food Security with a Knowledge Bank

 - Apr 23, 2015
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With the world's population expected to climb to nine billion people by 2050, food security is an important topic not just in development, but in sustainability -- something this network of plant clinics understands. Plantwise is a CABI-led international program that endeavors to help farmers lose less of their crops by "collecting, organizing and disseminating critical knowledge about plant health."

Plantwise supports plant clinics that are run by trained plant doctors and reinforced by their online knowledge bank. The Plantwise Knowledge Bank also provides practical, hands-on training for potential plant doctors. In their effort to aid farmers and researchers reduce pests and disease from spreading, they diagnose plant health issues early on and offer better treatment suggestions.

This innovative initiative helps farmers to feed themselves and others sustainably, profitably and equitably.