The Interactive Water Meter Design Uses Small Movements as Reminders

 - Jun 10, 2014
References: fastcoexist
These artistic wooden reminders are a completely new take on standard water meter design. The simplistic sculptures actually house sophisticated technology, using the internet of things to remind you how much water you're using.

As water conservation becomes increasingly important, these bluetooth connected geometric reminders are eco-conscious in different ways. The circular shape has a level inside and will rotate whenever water is running in your home. The triangular chimes ring every time you use 50L of water, making an extra sound for every additional 50L you use that day. The small see saw tilts to one side or the other to show if you used more or less water than the day before.

Dublin's National College of Art and Design students Paul Moran and Jess Lockhart created the water meter design to be more friendly and human centered.