Lauren Singer Shares Secrets to Sustainable Living, Without Making Trash

Lauren Singer is the dedicated blogger behind Trash is for Tossers, where she shares tips, trials, tribulations and solutions to sustainable living with almost zero waste. Over the course of two years living in New York, Singer has only collected about a Mason jar worth of trash. Although this may be hard for most people to wrap their heads around, this is simpler than you might think, and mainly comes from swapping out wasteful plastic products for ones made from lasting natural materials, or ones that will be able to return to the earth at the end of their lives. Some of the staples of a zero waste home are bamboo toothbrushes, safety razors, reusable cloth bags and lots of reusable glass jars for food storage and bulk food shopping.

By living with simplicity, mindfulness and resourcefulness, the blog shows that a zero waste lifestyle is not only good for the environment—it can also help you to save a ton of money too.