From Smartphone-Controlled Homes to Sustainable Seaweed Furniture

 - Mar 8, 2015
The top February 2015 eco ideas show the most advancement in the realms of architecture and packaging.

Some of the most impressive eco-friendly architecture designs include Snøhetta and ZEB's zero energy home, El Refugio Inteligente's energy-efficient home that can be controlled with a smartphone, and best of all, Anderson Anderson Architecture's energy positive classroom design, which actually produces more energy that it requires to operate on a daily basis.

In terms of packaging, Tetra Pak and Valio's cartons, Khaohom's hybrid rice container and cooker, as well as the There and Back Pack shipping boxes show that sustainable design is shining the spotlight by offering convenience to both retailers and consumers. With sustainability taken care of in the home and with products that are used regularly, this offers one less thing to worry about.