A Colorful Monorail Concept Has a Spectral and Abstract Design

 - Jan 16, 2015
References: yankodesign
As much as I appreciate utilitarian design, it's hard not to enjoy another dimension of aesthetic delight. First and foremost, this colorful monorail concept meets the criteria of a comfortable and spatially efficient vehicle for mass transit, yet it goes a step further to showcase one city's great value of art.

Proposed for Bangaluru City in India, this single-track train features a visually intriguing body of abstractly arranged windows. Curved and diagonal frames are reminiscent of the mortar between haphazardly assembled stone walls, making the ultramodern machine for public transportation look somehow organic. For an even more aesthetically stimulating skin, the colorful monorail concept features the option of vibrant mosaic tiles or bright color-blocked coats of paint.