Jonas Edvard and Nikolaj Steenfatt Create Raw Chairs and Lamps

 - Jan 22, 2015
References: & fastcodesign
Creating a collection of furniture that speaks to the environmentally conscious is something that Jonas Edvard and Nikolaj Steenfatt has been able to do in an unexpected way. Instead of sourcing bamboo or other similar eco-friendly material, the Danish design duo turned to the ocean and, specifically, fucus seaweed.

Raw and organic, Jonas Edvard and Nikolaj Steenfatt created a series of chairs and light fixtures made out of the plant life. Found along the Danish coastline and harvested by hand, the seaweed becomes a durable, cork-like material after it is dried, ground up into powder and mixed into a glue. Jonas Edvard says, "As most people don't know the actual strength of the alginate, they often think we put some extra glue inside, but it is only seaweed and paper."