The Phononic Thermoelectric Fridge is a Silent, More Eco-Friendly Option

 - Jan 6, 2015
References: phononic & springwise
This thermoelectric fridge combines a refrigerator with solid state cooling technology. Phononic provides a quieter, greener and more reliable model as it replaces humming parts. The solid state aspects in the energy efficient cooler make it smaller, faster, less likely to shock and even work silently.

The Phononic thermoelectric fridge replaces the compressor conventional fridges use, which requires toxic refrigerant chemicals to run in addition to fans, pipes and other loud moving parts. This refrigerator uses a semiconductor heat pump. So far this technology exists as a consumer cooler as well as a medical grade fridge. The Phononic solid state cooler is also a fraction of the size of the other standard compressors.

Ideal for small spaces, the appliance has yet to hit the market.