This By-Catch Fish Protector Prevents Overfishing for Undesired Species

 - Jan 13, 2015
References: tuvie
It is crucial that the consumer knows unsustainable the fishing industry is, and solutions such as this by-catch fish protector should be explored in full. Essentially, only a small fraction of caught marine creatures are the actual targets, so the majority of these animals are injured or killed and simply tossed away.

What JiaChen Du, Jooyoung Joen, WenZai Ye and GuangHao Wu have proposed is a floating line that can be cast around the fishing boat. This cord would be lined with compact devices that send out ultrasonic waves, deterring certain species from coming close. Research by the designers has shown that different sized sea life responds to different frequencies, meaning that the Little Fish Protector can direct repelling signals for more efficient and eco-friendly process.