The M.U.C. Vehicle Would Streamline City Driving for Efficient and Eco Aims

 - Jan 18, 2015
References: & tuvie
Innovation in the automotive industry seems to be forking in two directions: towards incredibly compact conveyances and big inclusive public transit solutions. This maglev car concept is consistent with some of the first cutting-edge idea that designers have been churning out lately, catering to motorists that prefer the convenience of driving directly door-to-door.

Jiazhen (Ken) Chen initiated his m.U.C Maglev Urban Commuter Project, proposing it as an efficient formula for streamlining increasing traffic in major metropolises. The cockpit would only have room to fit a single passenger, and the whole body consistently embraces this space-saving ideal. It's proposed that this maglev car could be driven manually or autonomously, by driverless technology. And finally, its magnetic levitation design would conserve energy and decrease the instances of road accidents.