El Refugio Inteligente is Energy-Efficient Via Smartphone Control

 - Jan 8, 2015
References: noem & gizmag
El Refugio Inteligente -- 'The Smart Shelter' -- is a prefabricated home that was designed and constructed by Spanish eco-friendly building firm NOEM. The home was designed and built in just nine weeks and assembled on site in just 10 days. This house is powered by solar energy and is equipped with a combination of smartphone-controllable amenities and eco-friendly design that are intended to reduce energy usage.

El Refugio Inteligente is situated in Spain's Serra Espada mountain range near Valencia. A one-storey home, it is constructed from a pair of prefabricated wooden modules that were joined together.

The home features a 4,500 Kilowatt-hour solar array that doesn't just take care of the home's electricity needs but actually produces a bit more electricity than required.