A German City Plans to Bury Its Autobahn Under a Green Park

 - Jan 10, 2015
References: fastcoexist
When people think of a highway cover, a literal layer over a highway is not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind. Yet that is exactly the case when it comes to the city of Hamburg in Germany. The A7 autobahn will soon boast a highway cover in the form of a long and green park.

As the longest autobahn in Germany and one of the busiest, this highway cover will do more than provide extra surface area to relax and frolic in. The city hopes that it will keep the noise in the area low enough to meet national laws for noise pollution. Reinhard Schier from Hamburg's Ministry of Urban Development and Environment, says, "After that building is finished there will be parks, gardens, quietness, bird songs, fresh air. And the parts of the city in the west and the east of the autobahn will be reunited again."