Vegan Red Wine Boasts Biodynamic Ingredients and Eco-Friendly Production

 - Jan 19, 2015
References: chateaumaris & goodhousekeeping
My distinguishing this product as "vegan" red wine may surprise the many consumers who didn't realize that the production of much grape-derived alcohol requires the use of animal products. Chateau Maris La Touge Syrah does not, however, boasting a process that's quite upstanding.

All of the fruits are grown and harvested in a biodynamic manner, supporting the richness of the soil, and fostering the very best of flavors. With consistent standards, the winemaker is building a zero-carbon wine cellar from hemp bricks that will have a lasting light effect on the landscape and even improve the indoor environment for the storage of wine bottles and barrels. This great vegan red wine exploits a niche in the market for oenophiles, the health-conscious and the eco-conscious. The market here is primarily for more mature-aged drinkers who may justify higher prices for better quality, and who consume with their own wellness considered.

Photo Credit: Qwine