Farm to Girl's Organic Skin Care Products Are Fair & Responsible

 - Jan 7, 2015
References: farmtogirl & treehugger
Farm to Girl has a lot of goals for its organic skin care products, including to become the first zero waste, closed loop, non-toxic skin and baby care company out there. Rather than tackling just one issue when it comes to beauty, such as sourcing chemical-free, fair trade ingredients and packaging them in natural alternatives to plastic, this is one company that takes a holistic approach and does it all.

Made with ingredients like organic oils, honey, beeswax, water and teas, all Farm to Girl products are 100% chemical-free. In order to give back, 20% of all proceeds go back into developing communities, women’s health clinics or funding scholarships for young women.

Instead of choosing to sell its products in plastics—since only about 30% of plastics actually end up getting recycled—Farm to Girl uses metal tins, glass jars labeled with recycled paper.