Fishy Rice Packaging is Practical, Emblematic and Beautiful

 - Jan 9, 2015
How is this splendidly scaly concept for reusable product wrapping? This fishy rice packaging idea is made from wax-printed white canvas to display the artistic images of stylized sea creatures. Hailong Xiang's design serves up plenty of goodness from head to tail.

Intended to hold Fengfan farm products -- which uphold the values of traditional Chinese roots and in terms of taste and agricultural practices -- this sleeve-like sack can be filled with a pair of long bags of locally grown grains. The two-ended tote is wonderfully functional since its provides its own handle in the center, that can even be used as a shoulder sling.

Conceptually, this fishy rice packaging visualizes the common expression of "fish every year." In Mandarin, the name of the aquatic animal is a homonym for abundance.