The Dr. Recare Molds Additional Receptacles from Plastic Beach Litter

 - Jan 6, 2015
References: yankodesign
Carelessness isn't the only reason why people leave garbage on the ground. The Dr. Recare concept underlines that convenience improves the instances of responsible discarding. Designed as an unmanned, beach-roaming tractor, this mechanism would be capable of finding, collecting and separating trash, as well as putting it to constructive use.

Any plastic discovered is deposited into a separate compartment by the robotic arm of the Dr. Recare. Mingyu Jeong's idea was to have these materials heated and molded within the vehicle as well, churning out brand new garbage cans like a mobile 3D printer. Once the the production process is complete, the Dr. Recare would distribute the trash bins regularly across the beach or the park, with the intention that they'd be used more diligently to keep the earth and water clean.