The Environmentally Friendly Marlin Hydrofoil Mimics Nature in its Mechanics

 - Jan 14, 2015
References: coroflot & tuvie
Nature was a major consideration and even inspiration in the development of this eco jetski. Not only were living creatures' forms the influences behind the body of the aquatic conveyance, the designer made sure to develop a vehicle that would harm the planet as little as possible.

The Marlin Electric Personal Hydrofoil concept makes use of a different sort of propulsions method, appropriated from Brice Thouret's idea to emulate the swishing and oscillating motions of fish tails. Its efficient bio-mechanical system combined with the 15kW electric motor would allow the sleek marine scooter to reach high speeds. Lithium-ion batteries within Niklas Wejedal's eco jetski could be charged quickly at the dock, but sun and wind energy are harnessed by the Marlin for a CO2-free ride.