The MOLO Microwave Cover Uses Water Vapor to Bring Old Meals Back to Life

 - Dec 7, 2013
References: kickstarter & gizmag
The MOLO Microwave Cover is designed for those who like their leftovers to taste as fresh as possible. In addition to keeping food from splattering all over the place, MOLO freshens your old food by releasing moisture. The cover can hold between one and three tablespoons of water, releasing it in the form of vapor while the food is heating. The water vapor prevents the food from drying out and also brings back some of its just-cooked flavor.

In addition to helping food taste better, the MOLO Microwave Cover also cuts down on waste. In addition to keeping paper towels out of the trash (single-use plate covers), MOLO will also help cut food waste as it makes leftovers taste as good as new (or close enough). The makers of MOLO have already hit their goal of $10,000 of Funding on Kickstarter, so you now have no excuse not to reheat your leftover food.