The EcoSafe Digester Converts Food Waste into Greywater

 - Dec 4, 2014
References: biohitech & gizmag
New York-based company BioHitech has developed an amazing device, called the Eco-Safe Digester, that can recycle food waste down into greywater. The machine can then connect to a cloud system, allowing BioHiTech to utilize big data to keep tabs on and improve the performance of the machines.

The Eco-Safe Digester is designed for easy on-site installation and is a 'mechanical stomach' of sorts that uses an optimum combination of heat, moisture and oxygen to encourage microorganism activity and break down waste.

Except for large bones and shells, all food waste is broken down and discharged as grey water. The material is then pumped through regular sewer lines.

The largest EcoSafe Digester is capable of discharging 400 to 500 gallons of sewage.