CORE Kitchen's Healthy Fast Food is Made Purely From Fresh Produce

 - Apr 24, 2015
References: corefoods & berkeleyside
Hearing the words "fast food" probably conjures images of greasy burgers and french fries, but Oakland's CORE Kitchen is transforming this term with its healthy fast food options. At this eatery, you won't find anything other than fresh produce—in place of bread, it serves lunch in collard leaf wraps, and pasta is swapped out for vegetable-based noodles. Meals are not exclusively paleo, raw or vegan, but they do feature the best traits of each kind of diet. Plus, all meals are prepared without any sweeteners, additives, oils or powders.

As a B Corporation, CORE Foods already produces snack bars that are just as wholesome as the meals served at CORE Kitchen. Since it is a not-for-profit business that reinvests profits back into food, communities and its mission to make good, clean eats more readily available, CORE Foods took this latest project to Kickstarter in order to raise funds for the needs of this produce-only restaurant.