These Enormous Japanese Solar Plants Will Produce 3,300 MWh of Energy

 - Apr 24, 2015
References: global.kyocera & gizmag
The Century Tokyo Leasing Corporation and the Kyocera Corporation have joined forces to construct a pair of humongous floating solar power plants on the Nishihira Pond and Higashihira Pond in Kato City, Japan. Together, these gigantic plants will provide around 3,300 megawatt hours of output per year, and provide electricity to an estimated 920 households.

The facilities, which are capable of withstanding typhoon conditions, will generate more electricity than roof-based solar plants. Meanwhile, the shade that they produce is expected to reduce water evaporation as well as algae growth, leading to an overall favorable impact on the local eco-system.

In the wake of the Fukushima nuclear power plant incident in 2011, Japan has an urgent need to find sustainable and safe energy alternatives. These floating power plants may well be the answer.