This Wooden De-Wrinkler Rids Your Clothes of Creases with Elbow Grease

 - Apr 3, 2015
References: & leibal
It's wonderful and fascinating to see products like this lumber iron come out of the woodwork, particularly in a world that's increasingly consumed by advancing technology and electronic devices. Contrary to the prevailing current, this item offers utility in a single-component package and asks the consumer to put in the time and work.

Far from a labor-saving device, this wooden ironing device by the Tomorrow Collective is a timber block with ergonomic grooves for the user's hand and a serrated base for ridding fabrics of crinkles. A marvelously minimalist kit comprises the handheld implement and a cylindrical roller, working together to help you crisp up your clothing for a tidy look. This lumber iron would appeal to some electronic anarchist attitudes within the millennial generation, upholding some hippie values of doing the work to reducing your carbon footprint.