From Underwater Engagement Photos to Produce-Only Restaurants

 - May 24, 2015
These May 2015 lifestyle trends range from edgy bridal fashions to produce-only restaurants that adhere to niche dietary restrictions. As weddings become more non-traditional, brides are no longer being confined to conventional fashion rules and are instead choosing to express themselves more freely on their big day. In addition to "Just Married" t-shirts and unconventional bridal gowns, the month's wedding fads also include underwater engagement photos that will appeal to romantic daredevils.

When it comes to food innovations, these May 2015 lifestyle trends include confection kiosks from family-friendly brand Nutella along with artistic vegan cakes that are both decorative and dairy-free. Moreover, consumers' demand for fresh and locally sourced produce has made urban farming increasingly more popular. From indoor gardening pods to compact produce kits, city dwellers can now cultivate their own food supply while saving money in the long run.

The month's fitness and sports trends rely on a mix of style and performance, ranging from style-focused workout clothing to running shoe products that can be customized to fit a consumer's needs.