The CareJack Vest Helps Wearers Lift Heavy Loads Using Stored Kinetic Energy

 - Apr 3, 2015
References: & gizmag
The CareJack is a special vest that, when worn, allows wearers to carry heavy loads that they would otherwise be unable to handle.

This vest uses soft, unobtrusive electronics that store the wearer's kinetic energy and release it when it's needed to lift and support, getting rid of the need for a heavy external power source. The vest can be worn over regular clothing, and is fitted with sensors that monitor movement patterns. The CareJack can also adjust its rigidity to compensate for non-optimal movements, with the wearer given control over how much support they want.

An innovative tool, the CareJack is an invention that will surely be welcomed by construction workers, warehouse stockers, nurses and anyone else who works in a profession that involves constant lifting. Not only will it help keep workers safer, it will also boost productivity of individual workers, teams and entire operations.