From Virtual Doppelganger Apps to Energy-Saving Facades

 - May 24, 2015
Efficient, eco-friendly and even effortless, these are all relevant descriptors for the top May 2015 tech trends. Yet the trends that stand out the most are the playful ones. For instance, the concept of a selfie has truly been taken to the next level through a new app called 'My Idol.' Narcissistically named, it turns people into their own virtual idol in a very convincing way.

Consumers may be obsessed with that app, but the majority of the top May 2015 tech trends revolves around leading healthy and sustainable lives. Whether that means adopting more environmentally conscious devices in the home or using pain-free medical essentials, designers have developed interesting tools that could make a huge different to people's lives in the near future. Then there are the fun 3D cheese printers to shake things up.