Sukori by Fan Bao Brings Portability to Potability

 - Mar 28, 2015
References: fbao95 & yankodesign
Sukori is a filtering water bottle that focuses on providing the cleanest drinking water to avoid life-threatening diseases. It's a healthy compromise between tap water and luxury packaged water. In fact, it's arguably more convenient since people be able to enjoy a refreshing potable drink from the filtering water bottle anywhere at anytime.

Designed by Fan Bao, the Sukori filtering water bottle is also chic and sleek, ensuring that people will want to not only use it, but swap out their traditional water bottles. Also versatile, it can be used for more beverages than just water. Yanko Design writes, The bottle has a telescopic compartment within it. All you need to do is open it out, fill either compartment, and slowly push both the compartments together. The water passes through the filter from one space to the other, and Voila! Safe-to-drink water!"