Coen Kaayk Creates a World of Digital Cube-Like Art That Resembles Barcodes

 - Mar 29, 2015
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Danish artist Coen Kaayk beautifully captures a world of prismatic rainbow cubes. When examining each individual cube, it resembles closely to that of a digital barcode. In a barcode, lines and dots are scattered throughout, making each individual and unique. The same goes for the rainbow printed cubes in Coen Kaayk's work. With these cubes, Kaayk distributes them throughout a canvas, often resembling small cities or hidden pictures throughout. The way each cube is displayed is as unique as the cube itself. This digital-like art is inspired by today's computer age, leaving no barcode i.d. unturned.

Coen Kaayk is also known for where he displays his work. Besides art galleries, the artist often creates public art installations, displaying his work in forests and outside of buildings.