The Dyson V6 Sucks Up Dust Mites and Other Unsavories

 - Apr 17, 2015
References: dysoncanada & gizmag
The Dyson V6 is a mattress cleaner that leaves no dust mite behind. This HEPA filtration-equipped, digital motor-powered device uses powerful vacuum suction to remove mites and other particles from mattresses.

The device mas a motorized brush assembly along with powered bar pivots that features nylon bristles and suction channels for complete cleaning even along the edges of the mattress. The filtration system uses centrifugal force to remove dust and dirt, with germs and other nasty microscopic materials being trapped in the post-motor filter.

Bed mattresses can contain 10,000 to two million dust mites that produce 40 million droppings a day, which can cause all kinds of issues for allergy sufferers. The Dyson V6 is a powerful solution to this problem, and is only the latest example of industry-leading technological prowess from Dyson.