This Glass Coaster Set Creates a 3D 'Scan' of the Human Brain

 - Apr 22, 2015
References: thinkgeek & thisiscolossal
Whether a person has a deep appreciation for the innerworkings of the mind or simply wants to start planning their Halloween party way in advance, this set of Brain Specimen Coasters is a great touch for the home. Made up of 10 glass coasters, together they create a three dimensional scan of the human brain. Pretty impressive, they are practical and playful.

What makes this set of Brain Specimen Coasters especially creative is the fact that they could easily be mistaken for actual specimens -- perhaps of a small monkey's brain. If that doesn't creep you out, then the imagination really can by let loose. The Brain Specimen Coasters are labeled to ensure people can stack them properly to achieve the 3D replication.