Patrick Priebe's Laser Drone Can Shoot and Burn Things

 - Mar 29, 2015
References: laser-gadgets & gizmag
German cyberpunk weapon inventor and laser enthusiast Patrick Priebe has adapted a regular off-the-shelf drone to be able to fire laser beams at stuff. While being able to view live video streams from a drone's camera is pretty cool, surely it can't be as cool as firing laser beams and stuff.

Priebe used a camera-equipped Amewi AMX-51 quadcopter and fitted it with a 3-mW red laser for aiming and a 1.5-Watt laser for shooting and burning. Power to the lasers is provided by a 1,200 mAh battery. The aiming laser remains on at all times while the blue shooting laser is activated using a switch on the remote control unit.

This laser drone was invented by Priebe with the intention of enjoying it in a closed indoor environment, and he primarily seems to be using it to shoot at helium balloons.