The Illume ArcLighter Can Initiate Flames in Style and Without Fluid

 - Apr 3, 2015
References: arclighter & tuvie
This electric lighter is not the sort of item that can be purchased cheaply from the convenience store; nor was it designed to be hidden in drawers and stashed in pockets. the Illume ArcLighter is a hi-tech flame creator that functions without fuel and is intended to be flaunted.

The long metal stick has a slick look that's worthy of being displayed in the open. A pebble-like charging station supports the gadget in a straight standing position as it juices up for future use on a nightstand or a side table. The lengthy body makes it practical to light up wicks placed within deep candleholders.

Making use of electricity, this electric lighter creates a current between the pair of prongs on the tip, making it a more precise product than the usual.