Vertical Fresh Farms is an Urban Farming Initiative in Buffalo

 - Apr 10, 2015
References: verticalfreshfarms & wivb
Vertical Fresh Farms is a new urban farming business recently launched in Buffalo by two brother-in-laws. Matt Latham and Jeremy Witt have a plot of 250 romaine lettuce heads that they hope to continue expanding on.

Currently working to expand the operation to include more crops, Vertical Fresh Farms uses a system called Aquaponics. The sustainable grow process utilizes waste created by Koi fish as fertilizer. The 200 Koi fish sit in a tank underneath the plants, while the system uses approximately 98% less water than traditional farming methods.

This unique business venture is sure to influence the Buffalo foodie scene, while it is also a promising sign that vertical farming is continuing to spread in urban centers through the US. Vertical farming can be an immeasurable resource in areas designed as food deserts, while it also provides much needed jobs.