Lifestyle Foods' Grab-and-Go Line Makes Eating Right Easy

Buffalo Grilled Chicken, Malibu Turkey Avocado and Tuscan Ham are some of the high-end healthy sandwich options available from Lifestyle Foods' grab-and-go line. All of Lifestyle Foods' whole grain ciabatta bread sandwiches are made with low-sodium meat and come packaged with a side of greens, plus a small serving of pesto, hummus, cranberry sauce or cheese dip. In total, these meals fall somewhere between about 260 and 360 calories, providing a lunch that's both flavorful and filling. Vegetarians in particular will appreciate that the Sedona Chick'n sandwich is made with mock meat.

In order to preserve its premium food product, Lifestyle Foods uses a proprietary packaging system to keep its sandwiches at peak freshness better than some of its competitors can. In terms of cost, these lunchtime meals retail for about $5, perfectly balancing health with cost and convenience.