Wake by Lucera Labs Gets People Out of Slumbers Gently and Healthily

 - Apr 4, 2015
References: luceralabs & kickstarter
Wake by Lucera Labs is the latest robotic technology for bedrooms. Replacing traditional alarm clocks, and even more sophisticated ones that boast similar features, it's meant to be mounted on the wall above slumbering forms in order to wake them up in as gentle and healthy a way as possible. Especially focusing on couples, Wake by Lucera Labs ensures a person can be woken up without disturbing their partner.

Using heat sensors, Wake by Lucera Labs detects where a person is and simulates a sunrise to wake them up. Synced with a smartphone, the technology also uses parametric speaker to deliver focused, soothing sounds that start quietly and grow louder slowly as the light beam grows brighter. People will start their day more energized.