Beringer Transforms the Wine Tasting Experience in-Store with Flavored Strips

 - Apr 10, 2015
References: beringer & prnewswire
Aiming to make the wine tasting experience less of an elaborate event and more approachable at any time of the day, Californian wine brand Beringer created the Taste Station. These small stations make the most of valuable retail space by clipping onto the shelves in-store in front of an assortment of wine. This system makes it possible for consumers to get a sense of the flavors they can expect, without having to crack open a bottle. The refillable stations dispense small wrapped wine-flavored strips that are dissolved on the tongue, replicating the experience of drinking a particular brand of vino—although the strips are totally non-alcoholic.

The experience takes inspiration from the way perfume is typically sampled by customers in-store, embracing a try-before-you-buy tactic in the hopes of winning over new consumers who are curious, but not willing to commit to a purchase right away.