Current Window is a Sustainable Stained Glass Project

 - Apr 25, 2015
References: marjanvanaubel & fastcodesign
Current Window is a project by designer Marjan van Aubel that's designed to explore the question: what if the stained glass windows could be used to generate energy?

Much like the process of photosynthesis, Current Window uses the electrical current that's achieved by light hitting a pigment to generate and store energy. A USB port embedded into the sill allows the window to charge devices plugged into it using the energy accumulated throughout the day. The Dutch designer estimates that it would require approximately seven hours of sunlight to charge a smartphone. She explains, "The greater the surface exposed, the more energy will be collected. Imagine these windows in churches, schools, and workplaces!"

Ultimately, van Aubel has come up with a widespread eco solution that remains visually appealing.