Arc Faucet is Counter-Anchored at Both Ends and Dispenses in the Center

 - Apr 29, 2015
References: & tuvie
Plumbing fixture manufacturers have long been designing to the standard of archetypal forms, yet the creator of the Arc Faucet was able to think beyond the pivoting arm. This utterly poetic composition takes a parabolic shape that connects to the kitchen countertop on both sides.

The slender and sculptural form appears to integrate its water intake on either side equally, from pipes that connect through the cabinetry below. The concept system incorporates a water filtration system out of sight, and the purified H2O can be dispensed from the middle with the simple press of a button.

Seungwoo Kim's elegant Arc Faucet exemplifies a shift towards making home fixtures much more than utilitarian. The entire product is reworked and rendered unique, and designed as an artistic element in the clean and minimalist modern kitchen.