From Doodled Dining Decor to Sustainable Bamboo Homes

 - Jun 20, 2015
Some of the most prevalent themes in the June 2015 home trends include the use of scents, outsourced tasks and innovations to make home life more pleasant.

With DIY incense trays, HVAC systems and vacuum cleaners that are meant to distribute healing aromatherapy scents throughout the home, fragrance is being reinvented as an important way to improve a home's atmosphere and individual wellness. On the note of keeping houses and people well, those prone to allergies will appreciate innovations in vacuum cleaner technology such as self-cleaning heads and Hoover's shareable battery packs for its cordless cleaning series.

Moving just beyond the boundaries of the home, novel services like Peerby, Mowz and Amazon Home's unusual grazing goat rentals make the daunting task of routine home maintenance a little easier.