Piezo Technology Introduces a Different Way to Emit Fragrances

 - May 12, 2015
References: vectairsystems
Piezo technology may not be a familiar term for some people, but it may become part of their regular vocabulary if Vectair Systems has anything to say about it. It revolves around piezoelectricity, which refers to electricity resulting from pressure. Although discovered back in 1880, it's only now being utilized in the fragrance industry. Piezo technology will "propel fragrance and odor neutralizing particles out of the dispenser and into the atmosphere," writes the company.

By revolutionizing aircare systems, piezo technology introduces something much more efficient, eco-friendly and inexpensive. Vectair Systems elaborates, "we aren’t looking to replace other air treatment systems such as aerosols. We do however have a responsibility to look for new ways to serve our customers’ needs. Piezo technology used in conjunction with our piezo system is our newest and most exciting way of doing just that."