These Elegant Light Fixtures are Slender Tubes That Protrude from the Ceiling

 - May 18, 2015
References: waypoint-light & design-milk
Designer Sara Ferrari designed this collection of tube lights that hang from the ceiling. The design is called LIBRA, and each fixture is created in a cluster called a family. They come in a variety of different lengths to add variety to each family.

LIBRA is one part of the WayPoint Atelier lighting collection. One feature that adds a personal touch to these tube lights is that they can be adjusted. This allows each fixture to become an even more original piece that can be changed in many ways.

The tubes are slightly curved at the end so the light is not facing directly at the floor beneath it. They are weighted so their balance is always perfect. LIBRA comes in a variety of metallic colors to add a punch of personality to any home or office space.