The Distinctive Miss Vases are Inspired by the Beautiful Diversity of Women

 - May 14, 2015
References: facebook & amberrep
This collection of feminine vases are inspired by the beauty and diversity of women. The Dutch designer Amber Rep explains that as she lovingly made her unique and colorful vases, she "started to see them as little humans," which inspired the collection's female-focused theme. The collection, which is referred to as 'Miss Vases,' included exclusively one-of-a-kind pieces.

The vases themselves are handmade from porcelain and designed in a simple circular shape. Each of the "ceramic ladies" has been hand-painted, resulting in a unique color, texture and glazing on each vase. The name of each feminine vase also reflects its individual features, with the deep red vase taking on the name of Miss Bloody Mary, while the more earthy green vase is titled Miss Marble.

Unlike commercially available vases, the delicately feminine design and distinctive coloring of each Miss Vase celebrates and showcases the beautiful diversity of women.