This Scarred Wooden Furniture Expresses Sharp and Unexpected Detail

 - May 1, 2015
References: alondodo
There are many ways in which craftspeople manipulate timber material for aesthetic and practical purposes, but few would achieve the look of this scarred wood deliberately. Reminiscent of a tool bench marked heavily by the blades of knives and saws, the White Scars console flaunts a striking texture that completely overpowers its natural wood grain.

The deep slashes across the sideboard are not unique to this particular piece, for the same woodworking technique was employed by designer Alon Dodo in his other cabinets and tables. In this instance, the signature markings are accented further by the whitewashing coat of paint that causes contrasting dark shadows to be cast in the cracks.

Different from the organic treatment of lumber surfaces and the traditional art of elaborate carving, this scarred wood chest of drawers demonstrates a contemporary alternative to ornamenting natural materials.