This Aluminum Rolling Pin Keeps Dough Chilled for More Careful Baking

 - May 8, 2015
References: & yankodesign
This aluminum rolling pin isn't exactly hi-tech, yet there's a good reason why it looks so cutting-edge. For perhaps 2.5 thousand years, people have been using stone and wooden rolling pins to prepare food in their kitchens, so it's a great change to see the baking implement made from a more contemporary industrial material.

The tapered baton shape of the .KMN rolling pin facilitates efficient and ergonomic motions as the chef flattens dough for flatbreads, pastries and cookies. Metered markings over the metallic surface even help the cook measure the diameter of his floury spread, to afford consistency between pizza crust sizes and the like.

What one may not immediately realize about Keith Nielson's aluminum rolling pin is that its material has a benefit beyond its lightweight and easy-to-clean qualities. The metal can also keep ingredients cool to prevent the mixture from getting sticky while it's kneaded.