This A-Frame Cabin Enables Consumers to Build It as They Please

Designer Derek Diedricksen of the Relaxshacks blog has built this A-frame cabin base that he is leaving open to customization by its consumers.

While plans for this DIY cabin are online for $29.95, the house only costs $1,200 to build. After the purchase, the buyer can then customize this 80 square feet cabin to their liking. This tiny structure comes equipped with an immense amount of storage space as well as a bed, a sink, overhead loft, and a mini fridge. This DIY cabin also features a roof extension that -- when opened -- reveals an outdoor sleeping porch complete with another bed. With the intent to keep the design simple, Derek Diedricksen built this cabin base without a toilet or shower.

With the possibilities completely up to the buyer, this A-frame cabin can serve as a relaxing resort home or camping cabin.