Elora Hardy's Eco-Friendly Bamboo Homes are Breathtakingly Beautiful

 - May 25, 2015
References: ibuku & boredpanda
Leaving behind a successful career in fashion, Elora Hardy has spent the past five years of her life designing some of the world'd most beautiful bamboo homes. Based in Bali, Indonesia, Hardy has used bamboo in revolutionary ways to create homes that are both sustainable and mesmerizing.

Inspired by the bamboo buildings her father designed, Hardy chooses the sustainable recourse as the primary construction material for all of her houses. Not only is bamboo a fast-growing renewable resource, it is also an extremely strong and long-lasting building material. In fact, bamboo has the same strength-to-weight ratio of industrial steel and the compressive force of heavy-duty concrete. With their robust design and awe-inspiring architecture, Hardy's stunning bamboo homes are a truly a work of art.