The Sheet Table is an Elegant Workstation with Beautifully Stacked Surfaces

 - Apr 2, 2015
References: luciekoldova & archidesignclub
The rise of the laptop may have resulted in the decline of the desk, yet Lucie Koldova has continued to celebrate the practical furnishing through the creation of her Sheet Table. Looking to arts, crafts and the past for inspiration, the designer put together a composition that resembles a couple of pieces of paper laid one atop the other.

Two plywood panels make up the tabletop, producing a wide base and a smaller lid. Items like sketchbooks, magazines, keyboards and more can be sandwiched for storage. The most noticeably unique feature of the Sheet Table is its upturned back edges, which are what make it look so paper-like. These can support electronics and prop up books, facilitating a multitasking working environment, no matter what tools the user prefers.