From Rustic One-Armed Seating to Layered Lumber Desks

 - May 31, 2015
These May 2015 furniture products are designed with sustainability in mind. They range from rustic, one-armed chairs to layered lumber desks that are crafted out of local and reclaimed materials.

As home-owners begin to put a greater focus on environmentally friendly living, retailers are beginning to recognize the importance of eco-friendly design solutions. From space-saving and transformative storage units to standing desk hybrids, function and sustainability are two major factors that sum up these May 2015 furniture products.

In addition to space-saving storage solutions and reclaimed wood decor, the remainder of these products focus on modular options for home owners. From customizable shelving and partitions that replace traditional walls, design-it-yourself products give home owners flexibility and allow them to get creative with their living space. Marrying aesthetics with function, these products consider multiple factors like consumer convenience, longevity and the environment.