Straight Line Designs Introduces a Range of Unique Shelves

Canadian furniture designer Judson Beaumont is the mastermind behind these unique shelves that double as dollhouses.

Inspired by the post-modern architecture in Palm Springs, Beaumont created the shelves entirely from recycled materials from his shop. He then accessorized the interior of each dollhouse-turned-shelf with miniature furniture to achieve the full, domestic effect. The mini furniture also offers a comical twist when users place their full-size car keys, smartphones and the like on the shelf.

Growing up is hard to do, perhaps because it involves putting down your toys and picking up a laundry list of responsibilities in their place. Fortunately, you can allow your inner child to come out and play (in a way that doesn't involve entertaining a midlife crisis) with the Floating House shelves by Judson Beaumont for Straight Line Designs.