Antique Hat Blocks Inspired the Design of This Winning Timber Hat Lamp

 - Apr 3, 2015
References: normcph & contemporist
The concept of a hat block influencing the look of a light fixture might be a quirky one, but it certainly makes some sense. With a whole room dressed in paint and fabric and equipped with functional furnishings, this Hat Lamp represents the fashionable crown of the space.

Jonas and Kasper of Norm.Architects were fascinated by the vintage hat maker's frame, which––like many other objects from its bygone ear––have become artifacts of great demand for contemporary collectors. The beautiful and quite purist form of the bell-shaped wooden structure makes a natural lampshade for the white coated lightbulb embedded beneath it. It's gorgeous decorative goods like this hat block pendant lamp that elegantly tie retro relics in with practical modern products for quality balanced design.