This Toilet Seat Laptop Design Draws from the Beauty of the MacBook

 - Mar 31, 2015
References: & luxurylaunches
Not long ago, commonplace products were influencing the aesthetics of electronics, yet this toilet seat laptop design demonstrates the reverse relationship. The Pinkhouse item contributes comfort to your can with a form directly inspired by the Apple MacBook Air.

The seat may be made of high-quality maple, but the lid is something far more futuristic. A panel of stainless steel is hinged to the top of the wooden frame, and it's finished with a glossy coating for a truly slick look. Consider both the cover and the seat, and the shape that they take. Unlike the typical oval form, the pair of them are manufactured as rounded rectangles, more reminiscent of notebook computers. This toilet seat laptop design is a great example of the aesthetic convergence of very different types of products.

Photo Credits: Core77